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Monday, January 14, 2019 at 4:51PM
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Restaurant: Zavo


Conveniently housed *next door* to Dylan's Candy Bar (plus dangerously close to Bloomingdales' Third Avenue entrance), Zavo makes for an ideal pre or post-shopping destination with a vibe that's more serene than Patsy's but not quite as buttoned up as Club A Steakhouse.

A bright, white-washed space is elegantly appointed with modern furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook bustling Third Avenue.  While you wait for your party to arrive, grab a glass of champagne at the sexy marble-topped bar that traverses the dining room. 

Photo credit: Zavo's website

There are plenty of crappy bread baskets to be had across the city, but Zavo's is not one of them.  Filled to the brim with a fresh and flavorful assortment that goes beyond sliced, dried-out baguette, this carb-laden masterpiece is accompanied by 1) a small bowl of briny olives and pickled onions, and 2) fragrant pesto for dipping purposes.  As tempting as it is to scarf it down in its entirety, save room for two things on the menu: Char-grilled Octopus and a homemade dessert.  

Beneath the smoky and perfectly char-grilled exterior crust was impossibly tender flesh.  The generous portion of octopus was perched atop a melange of warm chickpeas and fresh mango bits, plus chunky hummus that had the consistency of nutty peanut butter (vs. smooth).  The presentation was completed with microgreens and spheres of crunchy, paper-thin radish.

Char-grilled Octopus

My commitment issues in the relationship arena spillover to my plate when, among other things, I have to choose ONE dessert to split amongst the table.  "No!  No, you choose," is what you'll typically hear me say in an attempt to coerce my fellow diners.  What?  I don't want to take the heat for picking the wrong thing!  Luckily, our waiter at Zavo felt my pain and offered to present us with a sweets sampler...      

DessertFrom the honey cake, assorted ice creams, and gorgeous chocolate mousse/fondant work of art (pictured above), my favorite dessert of the assortment was the pistachio baklava.  Made in-house, it had that ooey-gooey, cloyingly sweet consistency that I love, with much less of that 'phyllo dough crunch.'  In other words, I take my baklava like I take my oatmeal: Overly-saturated with honey.  My mouth is watering as I'm writing this!   


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