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I just don't get it!? 9/14/07

Barely forty-eight hours after my previous "I just don't get it!?" experience, it happened again! After a friend of mine had to cancel dinner plans with me on Thursday night, she felt obligated to make it up to me on Friday evening. We decided to get a couple of girls together after work and eat dinner at La Palapa (St. Mark's location). I couldn't wait for an ice cold margarita and some really good gossip.I'll make this one short and sweet. What is the deal with Mexican restaurants CHARGING customers for chips and salsa? I just don't get it!? I would be more understanding if one was only having drinks at the bar and not eating a meal; but I'm infuriated that I have to pay an additional price for chips and salsa when I'm already paying a premium for Mexican food in Manhattan! As if that weren't bad enough, my cheese enchiladas were stuffed with un-melted queso fresco that had the consistency of cottage cheese. My girlfriend also complained that her fish tacos were too "fishy."Oh La Palapa, you've truly let me down!


I just don't get it!? 9/12/07

My last boyfriend was European, and while we only dated for a year, he taught me so much (subconsciously) about new cuisines that I'd never really given much consideration to. Case in point, French cuisine. I'd always been mesmerized by the talent and sophistication that had come from France (i.e. Daniel Boulud), although I hadn't really experienced a true French meal (with the exception of French onion soup and French fries). My idea of an exotic meal in New York City would be trying a new "red sauce" Italian restaurant. Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite comfort foods consist of: cheese enchiladas, cheese burgers, Magnolia Bakery cupcakes, and any other greasy pairing you can think of. I'm not really one to order exotic fish (with the exception of fried shrimp or a lobster roll) at restaurants, as I grew up in a land-locked town in Texas. Being the great girlfriend that I was, I decided to be "open" to new foods and cuisines. When we'd discuss where to go for dinner, 9 times out of 10, I'd let him choose (because I believe in compromise AND because I wanted to expand my culinary horizons).

Instead of being the girl that only ate at Mexican restaurants and ordering cheese enchiladas, I became the girl that was eating at French restaurants and ordering the loup de mer; the girl at sushi restaurants ordering the hamachi; and the girl at Greek restaurants ordering the whole branzino. Who had I turned in to? Who was I?After a bittersweet year of dating, the European man and I broke it off. While reflecting, I was happy to take away the fact that I'd exposed my palate to a variety of new taste adventures. I learned so much!So finally, the point of my post, "I just don't get it!?"

Last night, I went to dinner at Markt, my fave Belgian nabe joint, with two girlfriends. We decided to split some mussels for an appetizer. I was looking forward to this, as I felt like I'd really grown accustomed to seafood and shellfish over the past year. I guess I'd never really looked at a mussel. Upon stabbing one with my fork, I must have punctured the "stomach" portion of the creature. Unlike deveined shrimp, I don't think it's possible to devein a mussel, because a glop of what looked like black toothpaste oozed on to my plate. I put two and two together and discovered that what had the texture of ocean sand, was in fact the mussel's waste. Gross. I just don't get it!? Why the hell do people eat other animal's crap (literally)? What's so un-chic about a great bowl of French onion soup & some greasy fries, anyways? This situation made me realize that I will forever be the land-locked Texan surrounded by a sea of sophisticated urban gastronomes.

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