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Gut Yontiff!

Wishing all of my fellow Hebrews a very Gut Yontiff (sorry, if you don't know what that term means, then this post obviously does not apply to you)!


Until we eat again (...after sundown, in this case),

The Lunch Belle


Is it just me...

...or does anyone else find it odd when, upon entering your office's/office floor's public restroom, there's at least one person brushing/flossing or gargling mouthwash?  I mean, can they not brush/floss/gargle before and after work like the rest of us?  Two times/day is enough, people!  Even my dentist said so!  And, hello, this is a PUBLIC RESTROOM we're talking about.  Germs are crawling everywhere...and they're not even your own!  But, I'm sorry, the worst part of all of this is:  Do these culprits not gag when the person in the stall behind them is dropping a deuce?  Or, perhaps, even worse:  There's already a horrific, permeating odor suffocating the restroom, like that stink-cloud that follows "Pig-Pen" from Charlie Brown?  How can one brush/floss/gargle in these dismal conditions? 

Look, I hate - hate - hate to be raw and disgusting but, come on!  I just couldn't hold it in for a second longer.  Now, please excuse me while I go puke...

Source: brushing your teeth dot com~~~

Gag me with a toothbrush,

The Lunch Belle


Face in Hole = Bored no More

Bored?  Well, I was, too...Until I found this hysterical, stale-time swallowing, *free* app called Face In HoleI know, the name is a bit raunchy...

OK, so here's how it works:  The app has hundreds of photos of people/animals/celebrities with their faces whited-out.  Insert a face of your choosing to the said photo and save it.  I promise that you'll be busy - and laughing - for hours!  Trust me, I'm so addicted that I've already surpassed my alotted picture-messaging "maximum" for the month!

Here are some of my recent faves:

Since I CANNOT STAND that monitone, home-wrecking, emotion and heartless ho-bag, Kristen Stewart, I superimposed my face over hers.  Take that, K-Stew(pid)! 

Then, I thought it would be fun to make some photos using my adorable Lucy's face.  Because, obviously, she's way cuter and cooler than Anne Hathaway...

Now, run along and download this app!


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


Blechtacular: an interactive NY Health Dept. ratings map!

Headed to dinner tonight?  Curious to know whether or not your beau's restaurant of choice got tacked for "evidence of rodents" during its most recent visit from the Health Department?  Me too!  Click here for the blechtacular, interactive map!


Until we puke eat again,

The Lunch Belle