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Because you're up early - and bored: Get Oprah-fied!

I've just been Oprahfied! Now it's your turn. Help The Oprah Winfrey Show celebrate its 25th and final season.  Go to http://www.oprah.com/oprahfy to get started!

Looks good on me, don't ya think?


L-A-M-E !

What a clown!  Todd English Won't Serve Ranch Dressing Because 'Everyone Does It'

Very few restaurants 'do it' in New York, which makes us Texas ex-pats long for the days when ranch dressing ran as wild as the Guadalupe River.  I hope no one else jumps on this ridiculous band-wagon.  Damn you, English! 


A TEARFUL UPDATE: dinner at Gus & Gabriel Gastropub

*UPDATE* Just when I thought that my day was looking up, I came across this gut-wrenching article.  Grab a box of Kleenex and click *here* to read it and weep for yourself.  Damn you, Psilakis!
  • Cuisine: American, (quality) bar food
  • Atmosphere:  casual, rustic 
  • Attire:  casual 
  • Ideal for: informal gathering, 1x1, small groups, hangovers, quality greasy eats, bar scene
  • Must try: Mexi Mac & Cheese
  • Price: All food items under $24
  • Phone: (212) 362-7470
  • Location: 222 W. 79th St., (btw Amsterdam & Broadway)
  • FYI: cash only
*All photos from this meal can be viewed on Flickr
What’s the space like?
Dark, railroad-style (long and narrow), casual, pre-war space with hardwood floors - crown molding adorning the ceilings and base boards, small tables situated very awkwardly close together
How was the service?
Not memorable: neither outstanding nor horrendous.  Our server was a total know-it-all whipster (wannabe hipster)      
What did you drink?
I enjoyed a frosty mug filled with Virgil’s Root Beer, sans ice.
How was the food?
Gus & Gabriel Gastropub (let’s just simplify things and call it “G&G” for short, OK?) can best be summed up with three key words: Greasy. Shit. Show.  Now stop with your gasping and/or pretending that you don’t cuss, because when I refer to a “greasy shit show,” I am saying that with the highest regard and praise possible.  You can deep-fry just about anything and I'll eat it; but for those of you with healthier diets than mine, I'm here to tell you that this Upper Westside greasy spoon is seriously legit and worth every last finger licking calorie.  Bottom line, folks: if you’re avidly psychotically watching your waistline, avoid this place like the swine flu.
*Note: Upon our visit, Emily and I decided to split all three of the plates we ordered in half.

  • Hot Potato Chips (with sour cream, caramelized onion, garlic & chive dip): It was actually Em’s choice to order these and I went along with it.  Not being much of a potato chip fan, I will say that my feelings do slightly change when the “chip” in question is house-made.  A pile, slightly bigger than a handful, of warm, freshly-fried spuds were sprinkled with sea salt and topped with crumbles of flash-fried parsley.  A gravy boat filled with a rather bland, under-seasoned sour cream-based dip accompanied the chips.  I doubt that I would be compelled to order this appetizer again, unless the kitchen gave me free reign of the salt and pepper shaker, garlic powder and perhaps some minced jalapeno.  Or, they could make their lives easier and please more diners (or just me) by serving the chips with a side of Hidden Valley Ranch.     
  • Mexi Mac & Cheese: An ample-sized bowl arrived that was filled with giant macaroni noodles.  While some of the pasta was visible, other pieces looked as though they were drowning, literally pleading for life beneath an ocean of blended dairy products: sour cream, cheddar cheese, Monterey jack cheese, and jalapeno béchamel.  A dollop of homemade guacamole, tortilla chip croutons and crumbs, a spoonful of pico de gallo and some salty cotija cheese topped this exquisitely simple, yet brilliantly executed dish.    
  • Fried egg, bacon, onion rings & gruyere burger:  No, you’re not drunk/cross-eyed/hallucinating: each one of the items listed did indeed accompany the fresh hamburger bun (with the consistency and coloring of a baguette) and 1-inch-thick beef patty.  “Ew, I don’t want a fried egg on my burger.  That’s weird,” Emily squealed.  Well, I sure as hell wanted one on mine!  Luckily, the kitchen agreed to serve the egg on a separate plate just for me!  Now I could savor the entirety of the creamy, yolky goodness all to myself!  Oh, and the "onion rings" that read as an accompaniment were literally just that: slices of crunchy white onions that tasted as if they'd been pickled in something; not the deep-fried rings that I was hoping for.  Golden and salty house-made fries, a dill pickle wedge and small dish of creamy cole slaw kept our burger company.       
What’s pricing like?
Here’s a snapshot of our bill:
  • Hot Potato Chips: $2.95
  • Mexi Mac & Cheese: $7.50
  • Burger: $13.95
Will you return to Gus & Gabriel Gastropub?
I don't think that I can say "yes" fast enough.  G&G's serves "American bar food" made with the highest quality ingredients, skill and nostalgia.  The prices are more-than legit, which is such a rarity in Manhattan.  I look forward to many return visits and cured hangovers!

Signs of the times

Enjoy this pictoral collage of random street signs, tags, and crazies that I've collected over the past couple of years.  And don't you worry, there are plenty more to come! 


"NO HEELS!!!" Found near the Santa Monica Pier, CA"Surfer Crossing" street sign - San Diego, CAThe West Coast's "Wall Street" - La Jolla, CA~


Just in case things get a little "fresh" below street level, protection is sold in Paris subway stations.This poor dude lost a bet to his friends and ended up having to wearing a ding-dong costume on the streets of Paris.~


Outside of Buzz's Steakhouse - Kailua, HIBeware of the jelly-fish! Honolulu, HI~

New York

One of many "You Go Girl" tags that I've come across in Manhattan.Another "You Go Girl" sighting, 10.2010Really? I mean, that's cute and all, but it certainly takes the edge off of graffiti.An oldie, but a goodie - spotted on 26th Street in NYCQuite the piece of "art" on display in a Soho storefront - NYSnapped in TribecaSnapped in TribecaSnapped in TribecaHow pissed off would you be if this is how your "portrait" turned out? Harlem, 2010~


Cusco, PeruCusco, Peru~


Cooper's BBQ - Llano, TX

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