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NY Magazine's "Trends We're Tired Of": thank God I'm not the only one!

Check out NY Magazine's Trends We're Tired Of.  Aside from "The Small-Plates Explosion," I am in agreement with the rest of Mr. Platt's list.  What do you think?


100 Things...

Check out this great list that the NY Times rounded up entitled, "One Hundred Things Restaurant Staffers Should Never Do."  Click *here* to read, laugh and nod so many times that your head may fall off.


What chaps your hide?

One of my favorite aspects of the morning commute is picking up one of the free local papers.  Not only does skimming through the headlines pass the time, but on occasion, it also provides a good chuckle.  Enjoy this article that was featured in today's Metro entitled, "Those Things That Make You Go...#%@!!"  There's nothing like those "Amen!" moments when you realize that you and the rest of the city may actually agree on something: situations that violate your personal space.  Click *here*


A diss, of sorts, courtesy of Novita

Calling all of you restaurant owners or managers!

  • Are you in the mood to piss off your customers?
  • Looking for the perfect way to lose repeat business?
  • Do you want to make your diners feel unworthy and invisible?
If you answered "yes" to at least one of the questions above, then I urge you to grab and pen and paper and start taking notes (per my experience below)!
On Tuesday night, some friends and I decided to meet up for dinner at Novita.  As I walked in to the restaurant, I remember thinking, "Ah!  It's so nice to finally be in an air conditioned space!"  I'd just trekked 30 long blocks in the sweltering afternoon heat and I was exhausted.  The restaurant's manager (maybe owner, as well?) approached and asked how I could be helped.  "Yes, I have a reservation for four people at 6pm, thanks," I responded.  "Ah, yes," the manager/owner said, "By chance, do you think your party will be done eating by 7:30pm?"  I looked at him in shear confusion/horror and asked what the reasoning was behind his question.  "Well you see, madame, I was going to give your party the best table in the restaurant, but I have another reservation coming in after you."  With a cocked eyebrow, the word "gross" erupted from my mouth like vomit.  "Don't bother!  We're perfectly happy dining leisurely al fresco."  And with that, I did a 180-degree sachet, made my way out the door, and plopped myself down at a four-top table overlooking 22nd Street.  "Ha!  What an asshole," I laughed to myself while perusing the cocktail menu.  
And with that, my dear readers, it doesn't look like I'll be returning to Novita any time soon.   
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