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WWJD? Certainly, not this.

Nothing chaps my hide worse than a bigot.  And, for some reason, especially bigots in the "Bible Belt."  Perhaps it's because I've fallen victim to "Bible Belt Bigotry," myself.  In any case, check out this ridiculous letter that a restaurant owner handed to a lesbian couple upon exiting his establishment (click on the photo to read the full article):

Source: WCTI12

Seriously?  Gag me.  Because if Jesus was as awesome of a dude as history shows, he wouldn't hate on gay folk.  Not then.  And, certainly, not now. 


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


Pete Wells: Is he a total a-hole or was he just being (brutally) honest?

Staff restaurant reviewer/critic, Pete Wells, bashed the shit out of Guy Fieri's new Times Square 500-seater, Guy's American Kitchen & Bar, in yesterday's NY Times.  If you haven't read it yet, click here for the article.  I'd love to hear what you think, and whether you agree/disagree with Mr. Wells' intensity...


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


Restaurants & Bars with a dash of 'tude

I have a BIG problem paying for crappy service.  Here are some NYC restaurants and bars that have some of the most memorably rude/aloof employee 'tude:

Don't worry, this list will continue to grow as I continue to eat and drink my way through the city...


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


Don't you hate it when...

...you order an appetizer of guacamole and salsa at a Mexican restaurant and, while the dips are authentic and highly flavorful, the accompanying tostados/chips are store-bought crap that taste like salted cardboard?  This is exactly what went down last night during Alex and my dinner at Cafe El Portal.  And to make matters worse?  The rice that was served with my chile rellenos was about as authentically Mexican as 'General Tso's Chicken' is Chinese. 


Steamed dumplings suck

Ugh! What a buzz kill! Done and done. They can kiss this customer goodbye: http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2009/09/rickshaw_abandons_fried_dumpli.html


Thom Bar: My resignation letter

Dear Thom Bar,

It had been a couple of years since I last paid you a visit, so I was really looking forward to returning last night for a friend's birthday. Your mixed berry mojito is a cocktail that I consider to hold a top spot in my "5 best beverages of all time." That was, until last night.

Upon arrival to your second floor space at the 60 Thompson Hotel, I was greeted by one of the nastiest hostesses I've ever encountered. She was so insistent that I "check" my coat, that I became suspicious that either: a) she wanted to steal it, or b) she would be pocketing the tip. My next run-in occurred with one of your male bartenders. It took him about two minutes to realize that I was ready to place my drink order because he was too busy flirting with the cocktail waitresses. When I asked what kind of vodka was used for my "vodka and seltzer," he condescendingly replied, "It's called Imperial Vodka and it's top, top shelf. We only use the best here, OK?"

On that note, Thom Bar, I bid you adieu. I will cherish all of the happy mojito memories we shared, but not enough to ever return. I don't need to pay $17/cocktail only to be treated like complete crap. I'll take my business elsewhere.

~The Lunch Belle