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NYC tourist-tip of the day 

Summer is upon us even though it's only 55 degrees and rainy!  Are you in need of ideas for where to grab the city's hottest outdoor table, whether it's for drinks, snacks, or a meal?  Here are two great guides to help get you started:


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle


NYC tourist-tip of the day 

If you're coming to The Big Apple from another state or country, do yourself a favor and expand your dining horizons!  For god's sake, avoid McDonald's - Olive Garden - Red Lobster - TGIFriday's - and the like.  Support local business.  Educate your mind and belly!

On that note, grab a pen.  Because it makes sense to jot down which foods and beverages NYC is famous for:

...and remember, you don't come to Gotham for Southern-style BBQ or San Fransisco-style Mexican food.  So do your homework and take advantage of what WE have to offer!  Trust me, you'll be 'mighty glad you did.

Read it & eat,

The Lunch Belle


NYC tourist-tip of the day

Leave your body wash/soap at home?  Hotel bar (of soap) too small? 

Lather up with shampoo!  Pour in to wash rag, get sudsy, and scrub those germs away.  Remember, if it can wash your hair, then it can do the same for your body!


Read it & eat...and travel like a pro,

The Lunch Belle


NYC tourist-tip of the day

For the *best* views of the Empire State Building, head over to Broadway, between 21st & 22nd Streets.  Make sure you're standing on the Westside of the street.  Now, go ahead and snap those priceless photos!

Read it & eat...and you're welcome, in advance,

The Lunch Belle


NYC tourist-tip of the day

How to politely navigate through NYC by foot

  • If you must stop to read directions, kindly move over to allow for pedestrians to pass.
  • When in doubt, keep to your right.  Otherwise, just be cognisant of how the crowd in front of you is moving and follow suit.
  • On escalators: stand on the right, walk on the left.
  • Unless the sidewalk is virtually empty, no more than two people should walk side by side.  Avoid group sidewalk huddles.

Read it & eat...and be wise on the street,

The Lunch Belle


NYC tourist-tip of the day

Tourists: I'm going to apologize, in advance, for NYC's Neanderthal subway system.  Aside from the fact that it's unpredictable and extremely non-user friendly, it's expensive, to boot.

If you've ever visited London, Paris, or Hong Kong, for example, then you're fully aware of each city's efficient rail and road system, which makes a mere mockery of ours.  But, before we compare apples to oranges, allow me to offer you a glimmer of hope, should you find yourself visiting The Big Apple: "HopStop."  Now, add the URL ( http://www.hopstop.com/?city=newyork ) to your mobile device or scratch pad - or wherever it is that you deem appropriate.  This magic link will get you from point A to point B, literally and seamlessly, with detailed instructions for every step of your journey - whether you're walking from Rockefeller Center to the Empire State Building, or taking the subway from your hotel in Times Square to Ground Zero. 


  • Download the HopStop application to your mobile device.
  • Prior to your visit to NYC, play around on HopStop to familiarize yourself with the site.
  • HopStop recognizes major landmarks (i.e. Grand Central Terminal), but you should always make an effort to be cognisant of your current and destination address, if at all possible.    Alternatively, you can enter whatever building number you're standing in front of as "point A" of your journey.
    • I find it helpful to jot down my hotel's address (or wherever it is that you're staying) and keep it on my person while I'm away from the property.


Read it & eat...and be wise on the street,

The Lunch Belle