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"We've got an app for that"

This just in:

StewartSoft launches twiddish, a new social network and geo-location mobile application for iPhone and iPod Touch, allowing diners nationwide to discover the best and worst restaurant dishes. Through user-generated photograph-based dish reviews, the twiddish application compliments the online twiddish social network by providing users, a.k.a. "dishers," with the real-time micro-blogging tools needed to share their dining experiences on a visual dish-by-dish basis.

Each twiddish review contains a photograph of the dish, as taken by the "disher," when the food is served along with a twiddish rating based on flavor, aroma, portion size, presentation, and value.  Dishers are encouraged to share any additional comments that might be helpful to fellow dishers in selecting a particular entree or restaurant by entering them into the optional comments field.

Dishers can sync their twiddish profile to other popular social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, to tell their friends what they are eating and whether they recommend their peers to do the same. 

The twiddish application is now available for free download from iTunes app store at www.twd.sh for iPhone and iPod Touch users.  Diners without a compatible mobile device can create a twiddish user profile and interact with the twiddish dining community via the twiddish website at www.twiddish.com.  *twiddish anticipates launching its’ Blackberry application in the Spring of 2010.

The Twiddish "app"


I want one NOW!

Introducing Green & Black's Organic Peanut Bar: not since the launch of Häagen-Dazs Reserve: Fleur de Sel Caramel Ice Cream have I been so excited and anxious to try a new product.  Picture it: 37% milk chocolate blended with crisply caramelized organic peanuts and finished with a delicate whisper of sea salt. Now if that combination of ingredients doesn't tickle your culinary libido, then you're probably a total freak then you've got me dumbfounded.  Oh, and did I mention that this haute piece of ass chocolate is organic?  Not that I give a damn, but perhaps you may.

Have any of you tried this new bar yet?  If so, what are your thoughts; and most importantly, where can I buy one in Manhattan?      

Photo from Green & Black's website


Keepin' it fresh at Tim Horton's

What Dunkin Donuts is to us (Americans), Tim Horton’s is to Canadians. Recently (and I mean very recently), the popular chain ambitiously opened twelve stores in NYC, most of which hover on/near 7th Avenue. And being the donut-obsessed gal that I am, I was eager to see what all the Tim Horton’s fuss was about. Literally everyone, from local food bloggers to the NY Times, was hot on this zealous Canadian import.

Making headway through my own personal hell, otherwise known as 34th Street, the first Tim Horton’s I approached (on 7th Ave.) looked much more like a kiosk than a fast food joint. “Do you all have any donuts left?” I asked the girl behind the counter. “No,” she said, “but there is a bigger unit on 34th Street by Tad’s Steaks. It shares a space with Pizza Hut.”

In the name of food obsession, I marched myself over to the Time Horton’s on 34th Street. The line wasn’t obnoxiously long, but the slow service was (however, I will give the employees credit for their patience and knowledge of the product). Finally, it was my turn to order. “Do you all have any apple fritters today?” I asked. “No, but we are baking donuts downstairs right now. I’m not sure if they’re making fritters,” the cashier said. I seriously considered waiting for the fresh batch, but instead chose to order a glazed blueberry cake donut that I saw behind the counter. Truth be told, I just wanted to get the hell out of the after-work madness that was 34th Street.

The cake was very moist (unlike Dunkin’s version of the same) and had a robust artificial blueberry flavor. While the thin sugary glaze had a nice subtle crunch, I wished that there was much more of it enveloping the donut.

Conclusion: I found Tim Horton’s to produce a better donut than Dunkin, but both Krispy Kreme and my local coffee cart’s glazed-cake-stick still reign supreme.




Frozen meals that DON'T suck

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