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Super shout-out to Fresh Direct's 4-Minute Meals: "Smart & Simple" Garlic Chili Wild Alaskan Halibut W/ Coconut Rice

For us busy New Yorkers, even running the simplest of errands is sometimes overwhelming and daunting. Maybe it's just me being the lazy person that I am, but I literally have to talk myself in to getting off my bum and picking up my prescriptions, toiletries, laundry, etc.

When I first heard about Fresh Direct
, I was elated that I could finally check one errand off of my list...that dreaded bi-monthly trip to the grocery store! I still have nightmares of me carrying twelve over-stuffed plastic grocery bags while making the trek back to my apartment. Reoccurring visions of the instance when my gallon-sized jug of Poland Spring bottled water ripped through its thin grocery sack and exploded on the street still gives me chills.

For those of you who aren't in-the-know, Fresh Direct
is an online grocery store offering fantastically high quality products. Everything from locally farmed fruits and veggies, kosher and organic products, health and beauty items, groceries, heat-and-eat/ready-to-cook meals, all the way to a catering service and bulk purchasing is offered on this website. One-stop-shopping is quite a beautiful thing, my friends!
I've been a Fresh Direct
user for about six months now and have been a consistently satisfied customer. Today, I want to give two-thumbs up for a "4-Minute-Meal" that I had for dinner last night. What is a "4-Minute-Meal," you ask? Fresh Direct will answer that for you: "Quick, portable, delicious... and only at FreshDirect! Enjoy portability, speed and convenience without giving up flavor or freshness. Choose from our lush new Presto Italiano meals or our 500-calorie Smart & Simple entrées. Try vibrant vegetable sides or meals created by Rosa Mexicano and top chef Terrance Brennan. All you need is four minutes and a microwave!" I've tried many of these meals in the past and was always impressed; however, the "Smart & Simple Garlic Chili Wild Alaskan Halibut W/ Coconut Rice" blew me away. I almost hesitated when ordering fish fearing a low quality filet, wilted vegetables and mushy rice...but I've never been so wrong about something so right (isn't that a phrase from some horrific 70's love song?).

I placed my pre-made entree in the 'wave for three-minutes, and let it cool for one while I simultaneously cut a fresh lemon wedge to kill what I thought was going to be a very fishy piece of halibut. I lightly squeezed the citrus juice over the fish and cut in to the one-inch thick flesh. The halibut was a generous rectangular portion of meat that had been lightly seared in a cilantro-sesame marinade. It was accompanied by crispy, bright green snow peas and delicate and sticky coconut jasmine rice with a light drizzle of ginger soy. Sound amazing? It most certainly was. The halibut was pristinely fresh, tasting like it had just been caught a couple of hours prior. The robust symphony of cilantro, sesame, ginger and soy mated beautifully with the modest fish, rice and snow peas.

Not only do I recommend Fresh Direct, but I highly recommend this phenomenal "4-Minute-Meal." For a mere $12.99, you're not only getting a restaurant-quality entree at a fraction of the price you'd pay when dining out, but every Fresh Direct Smart & Simple meal is "...portion-controlled and freshly made in our kitchen with lean proteins, lots of vegetables and no hydrogenated oils. Fewer than 500 calories per meal!" What is better than healthy food that tastes amazing? Now that is what I call one hell of a win-win situation!


The Lunch Belle's latest obsession

If you're as lazy as I am (especially on weekends) and need last minute groceries, gifts, DVDs or drug store items, look no further than www.maxdelivery.com. No, I'm not a sales person for them, but I do think it'd be safe to call me their number-one fan.

Initially, I remember reading an article where maxdelivery.com was mentioned. I was intrigued enough to jot down the name of the website and check it out for myself. And like the song goes, "just one look and I fell so hard...," I've become hooked.
What do I love so much about this site? In no particular order, here goes:
Guaranteed one-hour delivery on over 10,000 products
Pricing equal to or very competitive with your local bodega, grocery store, bakery, DVD rental store, etc.
Items from uber famous NY Specialty Shops including:

Go ahead and see for yourselves, folks...guaranteed, you'll become obsessed too! www.maxdelivery.com


Thanksgiving 2007


This horrific glop of pre-made turkey-stuffing-mess was the majority of what my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of this year. Sadly, I spent the day holed up in my tiny apartment sipping hot tea, blowing my nose and coughing. That's right folks, my only holiday guest this year was a nasty case of bronchitis.

What is normally my favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving has now turned in to quite a depressing holiday. Not only was I unable to fly home, but I was too ill to join my local friends for a festive, home-cooked meal.

I've been sick since Monday, and had to take two days from work (tomorrow will make three). You'd think with all of the daytime trash TV, Lifetime movies and cooking shows, that I'd be a happy camper. Isn't this what people dream about doing all day while they're stuck behind a computer screen at work? Honestly, after the first day of being homebound, I started to get an itchy case of cabin fever. Being immobilized in your apartment sucks!

I awoke this morning and decided that a trip to my local Whole Foods to fetch a pre-made "Thanksgiving-dinner-for-one" could be good for me. Despite my slight wheezing and shortness of breath, I figured that a brisk walk and some fresh air could potentially be beneficial...especially since this would be my one and only outing for the day.

The city was totally dead. I was able to jay-walk across every street and not try and figure out how to maneuver which way the person walking ahead of me was going. Whole Foods was just as empty and I must have strolled up and down every aisle two or three times, completely unsatisfied with everything I saw. I remember bumping in to a woman's cart, glancing down at what she was shopping for, and seeing a clear take-away container filled with just enough turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce for one person. Damn, that made me so depressed. I knew that I needed to get the hell out of that Twilight Zone-esque store a.s.a.p! Since I hate turkey and that pureed sweet potato crap, I grabbed a container of stuffing, paid the cashier and dashed home.

After attempting to moisten the stuffing with butter and water, I heated up a bowl and was anxious to take my first bite. My day had officially hit rock bottom! The stuffing was so over-seasoned and dry, I couldn't finish it. Dammit!
For those of you who were able to enjoy the warmth of a home-cooked meal with friends and family today, please be thankful. I suppose if you weren't grateful before reading my post, you sure as hell are now. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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