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And while we're on the topic of New Year's...

Here are some resolutions that I'd like to stick to for more than a couple of weeks this New Year:

  • I really want to start running again (and chasing after the ice cream truck can no longer count).  I think about it constantly and just need to man up, throw on my sneaks, and hit the pavement.  What am I so scared of?
  • Read more books with substance and less issues of US Weekly Magazine
  • Visit more of Texas than just my hometown.  I owe Lubbock, Dallas, Austin and Houston a long-overdue reunion.
  • Find me a decent man...one that I can cook for; a willing guinea pig.  I have so many recipes that I'm dying to try and I'm sick of having to throw parties as an excuse to put on my apron.
  • Take my analyzing down a couple of notches; stop attempting to understand why someone did or didn't do something the way I see fit.  You know you're guilty of thinking too much when you ponder what it was the writer was trying to convey when they ended an email response with a generic "Sincerely."
  • Buy/adopt a dog.  Sorry Mom, I know you think that bringing a small animal in to a 400 square foot space sounds ludicrous, but I'm more than ready to start taking care of something other than myself.
  • Forgive, or at least try harder to.
  • Take a trip somewhere I've never been...by myself
  • Remind myself to take a step back and look at how far I've come.  I'm my own worst critic.
  • Be more trusting and less guarded; let more people in to my life.  Stop assuming that every situation will unfold like the last, be it positive or negative
  • Cook more. 
  • Put forth a better effort of documenting daily occurrences.  For the shear fact that I live in this crazy city, I witness some amazingly hysterical and fascinating stuff!
  • Ask more questions
  • Put myself first more often
  • Stop rolling my eyes so much!  It's become a horrible habit; I feel like Dorothy Zbornak from The Golden Girls.

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