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Swine, wine, and 32 candles...

Good god.  The countdown to my 32nd birthday has begun!  Actually, it's less than a week away.  On freaking Monday, of course.  The worst possible/buzz kill/work-day of the week.  So, because of that tragic detail, I decided to start the birthday festivities early.  As in a week early.  It just wouldn't be "me" if a 7-day-long celebration did not ensue...

After having fallen in love with my initial experience, I decided to throw myself a birthday party aboard last night's Swine & Sparkling Wine-themed cruise.  What better way to kick off the week-long celebration, right?  With coordination assistance from Emily K., Benchmarc Events' Director of Communications, I arranged for about 40-50 friends to join me for all-things-pig and bubbly (...I know, I'm such a good Jew!). 

Since the ship wasn't scheduled to set sail until 8pm, some friends and I met up beforehand at PJ Clarke's on the Hudson (located very close to the cruise dock) for a couple of rounds. 

Once aboard the ship, we clinked our glasses of sparkling wine and noshed on a bountiful pork buffet.  All the while taking in breathtaking views of lower Manhattan, a handful of Brooklyn bridges, and Lady Liberty.  Just about an hour before we docked, I was led to the top deck where my friends gathered  to present me with sparklers and an assortment of cupcakes.  The group serenaded me with a jovial "happy birthday to you," before I blew out a candle and made a couple of wishes for my upcoming year. 

From the weather, the food and drink, and all of the surprises - to being surrounded by so many of my dear friends, last night was one of the greatest birthday celebrations of my entire life.  A big 'thank you' to Emily M., who orchestrated dessert, and to the fabulous team at Benchmarc Events, for being so generous, enthusiastic, and helpful.  I am, truly, the luckiest girl in the world.    


So, what's on deck for the rest of my 'celebratory week,' you ask?  Take a peak...

8/1  Dinner with Devon, my friend in town from San Diego, at La Promenade des Anglais

8/2  Dinner/drinks with Tammi, one of my readers, who I've become good friends with!

8/3  Chillaxing at home with my puppy, Lucy (Yes, I've decided to keep her!) - giving myself a pedicure - and packing for the Hamptons

8/4  Hamptons

8/5  Hamptons

8/6  *Birthday*  Massage at Exhale, followed by dinner at Mexico Lindo (though the venue may change, as it's not my favorite)

Sounds like a pretty damn good week, doesn't it?  Cheers!


Until we eat again,

The Lunch Belle

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